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Does your job require you to look at a screen for a long part of the day? Or do you find yourself on tablets, digital readers, or other modern technology that might be affecting your eyesight?

Computer Vision uses simulation combined with precise measurements to provide comfortable computer vision with less eye fatigue. Dr. Alberhasky was among the first optometrists in the nation to recognize the effects of computer use on the eyes and to utilize the latest technology in diagnosing and treating computer vision syndrome.

Sports Eyewear

Attention, athletes! Alberhasky Eye Clinic has a variety of sunglasses to choose from that are activity specific. Combine that with activity specific lenses (prescription and non-prescription) and you have the best vision while enjoying hobbies and sports.

Our-sport specific vendors include Rudy Project, Rec Specs, Switch and Sable Water Optics. As an avid runner and bicyclist himself, Dr. Alberhasky has an appreciation for enhanced performance through proper eyewear.

Custom Frame Systems

About Chemistrie

Customize your shades by Chemistrie, picking your own colors for magnetic pop-on shades. Even pop on 3D magnetic lenses that are compatible with home and theater systems!

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